Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Who Is This Ber You Speak Of?!

Hi! I'm Amber, know to my family and close friends as Ber.  Since Amber is heard all the time, I decided to use my nickname instead.  We all hear about blogging and how important it is for building a new business and networking, so I thought, what the heck?! I might as well. It's free & I have a lot of opinions!  So, here it is!

A little background on me first, cause after all, it is all about me!!! I was born in OK, grew up in Lubbock (well, I attended school & such, maybe not "grew up') and then went back to Norman to finish my bachelor degree.  So, I guess I can still say I'm Sooner Born & Sooner Bred!  I bleed Crimson & Cream!!!  I moved back to Lubbock after graduation to be with family.  I'm currently working on my MBA at Wayland Baptist University & starting my own business. I also work part-time at a local store until my business gets up & going.  I totally have time to blog!

On a more personal note, I have 3 dogs who rule the roost! I love my family & my friends & my church family. I love food and it shows as well as spending time with friends, shopping, and *cough* running!  I'm training to run in my first 5k, so I'm sure I'll blog about that at some point.

With this blog, I plan to give my perspective on things- life, love, faith, dogs, exercise & of course food!!! When I find new AWESOME products, you bet I'll blog about them! New restaurant in town that's delicious?! Yes please!!! I may even get a little political from time to time, but that's not normally me! So stay tuned and read how life is According to Ber.